Services and Programs

Inhouse, over the phone at 618.482.3966, by email to Reference, or over IM using the Online symbol in the bar to the left or using the username "Countrykatydid"

Renewal of materials
over the phone, on the Card Catalog in My Account (accessible on the Home Page or through email to Item Renewal

Wi-Fi and Networked Computers and Access
Internet, Software & E-mail Access with Networked and Wi-Fi Computer Access using one of our 12 public access terminals or one of our wireless laptops or your bring in your own wireless compatible laptop.

Computer Instruction
Call for details for basic lessons on our databases, card catalog, email or internet basics.

Homebound Delivery
Have materials delivered to your home, Call 618.482.3966 or email Homebound  to register for this special service.

Proctoring of Exams
We will serve as a proctoring agency if you need to help you with
online or distance learning.

Children and Adult Programming
Many programs monthly.
Check our Calendar of Events for details.

Young Adult

Materials Ready for your Use
Large Print Books
Graphic Novels
Electronic books (Ebooks)
Audio Books on Cassettes, CD & MP3 format
Downloadable audiobooks
Inhouse WiFi
Inhouse public access Computers
Leappad Electronic Learning Books

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